Ninja Warrior School Holiday Program

Does your child want to become the next Ninja Warrior? Our School Holiday Program is perfect for them!

Designed for kids aged 6-12 years, its a full day of fun and challenging activities. We make sure the kids are well looked after, with activities, obstacles and breaks well planned out so the day is fun and enriching. We focus on confidence, teamwork, strength, and ability, and ensure all kids are participating and happy. We also provide healthy food, snacks and drinks to maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

The Much Awaited School Holiday Program Dates:

  • Monday, 4th of January 2021
  • Tuesday, 5th of January 2021
  • Wednesday, 6th of January 2021
  • Thursday, 7th of January 2021
  • Friday, 8th of January 2021
  • Monday, 18th of January 2021
  • Tuesday, 19th of January 2021
  • Wednesday, 20th of January 2021
  • Thursday, 21st of January 2021
  • Friday, 22nd of January 2021
  • Monday, 25th of December 2020
  • Tuesday, 26th of December 2020
  • Wednesday, 27th of December 2020
  • Thursday, 28th of January 2021

Time: 09:30 - 15:30

Price: $100

Securing your Booking:

Please use our online booking system below to choose the date for the program. If you are booking more than one child, you will need to make individual bookings.
If you have any queries or issues, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Click here to visit our contact page »

Active Kids Vouchers

If you have an Active Kids Voucher, you can enter the number during the checkout process and immediately receive $100 off the cost of the booking. Please note: If we are unable to redeem the voucher, due to the voucher number being invalid, or if the voucher has already been redeemed, you will be required to pay the additional $100 for your child to participate in the program.

About Our Program:

Ninja warrior Sydney is the premier ninja kids training program during school holidays. We have all the activities that benefit your child’s health and fitness, confidence and respect. Our obstacles build strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. All kids, regardless of physical ability, will benefit from participating in our obstacle-based fitness program. Whether your child is a budding sports star or a video-game fanatic, we can turn them into the next Ninja Warrior.

Our school holiday program is just what your kids need to stay in shape, plus they’ll find a new outlet for their energy, fun and creativity. They’ll make friends, have a blast, and improve their overall health with every step, swing, climb, and jump!

At Ninja Warrior Sydney we focus on building the skills, capabilities and awareness required to conquer each of the obstacles, whilst emphasising proper warm up, cool down and movement techniques; all while having a whole lot of fun and building their fitness and strength. We also teach them how to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing them with healthy snacks and food throughout their day.

Waiver Form

A waiver will need to be completed for any children who have not participated in our classes before. The waiver is available to print online.

Please ensure all participants bring a signed form or they will not be allowed to participate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program hours are 9:30am to 3:30pm.

The minimum age is 6 years old.

We make fresh sushi at lunch time we ask each individual child what they would like and we follow up on the children who don’t eat sushi and ensure they get lunch. The children are supervised by their assigned instructors.

We ensure the children have regular breaks where they eat freshly cut fruit and cold pressed juices made in front of the kids, we also have a water dispenser in which the children can refill their drink bottles.

If your child needs to bring his/her own lunch, please ensute that it comes in a clearly labeled lunch box.

Please note: Ninja Warrior Sydney has a nut free policy for participants at all our programs, lunch should not consist of any nuts or nut product.

Due to the COVID guidelines parents are not allowed to stay within the premises.

All payments are non-refundable, we understand that sometimes unforeseen things can occur and we are happy to provide a future credit when discussed with the head instructor.

The kids can wear whatever they feel comfortable in but there are no shoes and socks to be worn in the obstacle area.

A waiver will need to be completed for any children who have not participated in our classes before. The waiver is available to print online. Please ensure all participants bring a signed form or they will not be allowed to participate. Download the Waiver Form here

As per the nsw health guidelines we have implemented some initiatives to ensure the safety of all our participants this includes checking all temperatures on arrival prior to entering the premises reinforcing proper personal hygiene hand washing technique and use of sanitizer as well as regular disinfecting of our premises.